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Why the Regéczy-Fábián Human Anatomy Atlas is good for you?

Easy to use

Latin and english terminology

700+ pictures

Frequent updates

Translator program


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Why choose us?

This new atlas, made with the most advanced technology combines several features that makes it an ideal choice for medical students and for those who have an interest in anatomy.

  • More than 700 spectacular images, with bright colors
  • Detailed illustrations
  • Regular, free updates with new pictures
  • It offers an introductory price

Detailed description

The aim of this new human anatomy atlas is to introduce the human body as detailed as possible. The pictures represent the structures of the human body spectacularly and in an easy to separate way. It contains both the latin and the english terminology and a translating program too. A searching function helps the easy orientation. We hope it will provide a lot of assistance to everyone in the field of anatomy.

The atlas is divided into seven main parts:

  • Osteology
  • Syndesmology
  • Myology
  • Angiology
  • Splachnology
  • Neurology
  • Organs of the senses

It provides you a search engine with more than 10.000 searchable anatomy structures.

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Get to know the development team
Zoltán Regéczy COO

Zoltán Regéczy

Ádám Fábián CEO

Ádám Fábián

Hortobágyi Norbert CFO, CMO

Hortobágyi Norbert


Look at the functions of Regéczy-Fábián Human Anatomy Atlas

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